New Art

Linda Bell

Solace -Limestone and steel

Studied horticulture/landscaping and Arts in Australia and also Japan. Works with ceramics, woven materials and metal work and found objects. Has collaborated with various groups on exhibitions and most recently artists and volunteers for the HarbourSculpture projects. Founding member of ‘HarbourSculpture’ established as means for supporting Arts in our community. HarbourSculpture engaged the community through transformation of local parklands into outside art galleries of contemporary sculpture. Involved in organising and curating 5 Harbour Sculpture exhibitions and presided as President over the past 3 years.

Artist, Horticulturist, Landscaper. 
Majored in weaving in Ceramics at Northern Rivers CAE.
Studio assistant Northern Rivers CAE 1982. Ceramics and Weaving Majors
Kinko Pottery Terrys Hills Ceramice studies 1983/4
Travels to Japan and interests in ceramics extended studies in Japan 1985/88.
Hokkuriku Bunkai Kan Kanazawa 1985/86
Kanazawa Bidi University 86/87
Kaihatsu Bunmei Studio 87/88
Ryoji Koe studio Tokoname Japan summer studio workshop 1988
East Sydney Technical College 1989/90
Sydney Gallery School of Creative Fine Art, sculpture 1991/95
Meadowbank Tafe Manufacturing and Engineering, welding 1992/96
Various Sculpture exhibitions including Fisher’s Ghost, Royal Botanic Gardens, East Coast Sculpture Show,
Balmain Art & Craft, Hunters Hill Art Show,Balmain Watch House.
HarbourSculpture 2014/20

2023 Art Exhibition

Moon Poda -Carved Limestone and woven Jute Fibers

Ebb Tide Moon - Limestone steel and Brass

Acquiescent Emergence - Cement Fondu Timber moulds form work

2022 Art Exhibition

Lunar Libration

Lunar Libration is a work of found steel and welded industrial material, a lunar terrain inspired by science revelations.  In my artistic practice I incorporate natural materials with upcycled and found objects. The refuncting and beauty of utilizing these materials also reflects an consideration of the impact wasted materials have on our environment. This work is a celestial observation of the moon, a shimmering lunar terrain.

The moon was our only natural planetary satellite known prior the advent of the telescope. We observe the mystic of the moon every night as it presents a different fraction of its illuminated face to us. The curiosity of Lunar Librations is the wavering of the moon as perceived from Earth.The effect is caused by changes in our perspective over a lunar month, revealing an extended view of the moon’s surface. 

Our moon has been eternally under observation.Viewing the moon played a prominent role in ancient people’s lives. Indigenous knowledge understood phenomena such as the lunar phases on oceans and environment as important aspects of preservation and survival.  Aside from its religious, cultural and artistic context, the moon has been extensively studied in science for centuries. Science expanded the understanding of the moon’s synchrony in the ecosystem, acknowledging our existence is intrinsically connected to our moon satellite. Science and technology extended and enlightened our vision of the moon.

As we gaze towards the moon the lunar libration creates an extended view of its surface, through a slight north-south rocking and east-west wobbling of the moon. These oscillations over a month, create the lunar libration allowing an extended perspective of the moon’s surface. Where 50% is usually observed, libration creates the magic illuminating 59%. of the lunar terrain.

The next maximum libration for your observation is January 7, 2022. 


This works relates to the character of the marine world as it reveles an aspect of a secret nautical garden form.  

Seapoda was made as an observation of the uniquely primitive and fragile aqua life found on the marine peripherals. They survive in a dynamic environmental zone of continuous erosion and deposition. The hand built burnished blackfired clay form undulates into a woven addition of fiber and rubber, suggesting a flowing organic marine form of dynamic resilience.