New Art

Lara Klark

Pelican or The Portrait Of Individua

I was born in Siberia and living in Moscow for the majority of my life, I worked as a professional theatre actress. Here, in Moskow, I took classes to study fine art on silk. From 2002 I regularly sold my works, I become free-lance artist.
In 2003 I received an offer to join one of great artistic groups “Watercolor” and” Isograph” and became a regular exhibitor in the art shows.
At 2005 I established an informal group of artists-poets in which on the opening nights of exhibitions, we, artists, read our poems surrounding by our paintings.
My art works began to be published in the annual journal “Isograph”” in the artistic newspaper, in the book – “Art in Russia” in 2007.
Moving to Australia in 2010, in Sydney, I started developing skills and knowledge in painting with acrylics on canvas. From first days in Sydney, I become a regular exhibitor in the group’s shows of TAP gallery.

In 2013 I become the Winner of the Real Refuse Exhibition at Tap Gallery — the prize was a personal exhibition. It`s was very exciting moment.
In preparations for first solo exhibition, I understand that my life teaches me – only we can truly take with us is only that in us – love, friendship, memory, understanding – consciousness. So, for the first time I understood that I ready painted about as a concept. So, theme of self-conscious become my theme, my vision.
From 2004 – 2019 I`m a regular exhibitor in the group’s shows in Moskow and Sydney.
In 2005, 2006 published in the annual journal “Isograph”” and in the artistic newspaper.
In 2007 published in the book – “Art in Russia.”
In April 2013 at Tap Gallery Winner of the Real Refuse Exhibition
In October 2013 First solo exhibition in Australia at TAP Gallery Sydney
In November 2015 solo exhibition at TAP Gallery
In April 2016 prize at Pyrmont Prize exhibition
In June 2016 solo exhibition at The Glebe Shop Gallery
In November 2017 solo exhibition at TAP Gallery
In December 2020 group exhibition at Dograbbit Galley
In April 2021 group exhibition at Parliament House
In 2021group exhibition at AFA Fujian Association Art Culture Centre

2023 Art Exhibition

The Horse

Magpie Goose or Good Morning New Day

In Spring

2022 Art Exhibition

I Wish Your Days Are Filled With Love

Lara Klark - Yesterday Today Tomorrow 89.5x106 pigment on silk

Yesterday Today Tomorrow