New Art

Jasmine Coe

Five Sisters at the Kalare

Being of both Aboriginal and English descent and growing up in London, I have always struggled with self-identity. The absence of a father and a culture i did not know or understand meant i was always unsure of where to place myself.

Having gone to Australia for the first time in 2016 to meet my father and fmily, my work currently focuses on harmonising the internal conflicts that arise from my dual heritage. I acknowledge and strive to understand the history and suffering that arose when these two cultures met, the enormity of which is too difficult for me to express verbally.

I am a product of both cultures and in personal attempt to heal present and past, i celebrate life’s beauty by focusing on  the natural Australian elements, something i have only just connected with. As i paint, i am recording my personal journey of discovery while allowing myself to work out my place in these two worlds.