New Art

Holly Holston


Holly is a photographer and abstract artist from London UK, currently living in Melbourne. She is a graduate of Photography from the Arts University Bournemouth, which is where she developed her fine art photographic practice, delving deeply into abstraction and defamiliarisation. Her artwork is conceptually informed by esotericism and spiritual philosophy, exploring notions cosmic laws of correspondence and transcendence of human perception. Aiming to break free of the limitations of our three dimensional vision, her art acts as a hallucinatory, dreamlike experience; a window into another world. Fascinated with nature, Holly uses macro photography to capture organic matter and then processes the images using Photoshop to glitch, layer and combine her photographs until they are transformed into new otherworldly abstractions.

Holly’s artwork is inspired by surrealism, science and esoteric spiritualism. Through photography and digital manipulation, she creates abstract ‘orbs’ that aim to transcend our usual realms of perception. Her process involves capturing photos of organic matter, often using macro techniques, then glitching and layering in post-production to birth strange and beautiful landscapes of unfamiliar worlds. A circular format is recurring throughout the artwork; it’s symbolism has infinite implications of the microcosm and macrocosm, both telescopic and microscopic views, depicting the form of vast celestial bodies as well as the smallest cells and embryos. Holly’s art is directly influenced by her passion for nature and interest in philosophy, as seen in her subject matter and conceptual reasoning respectively.

Pleurotus Waves

Mushroom Multiverse

Purple Planet

Polypore Paradise