New Art

Casey Chen

Loving Cup-Casey Chen

Casey Chen is an artist that practices in Sydney. His work blends childhood nostalgia together with long-standing East Asian ceramic traditions. He’s interested in reviving traditional motifs and themes with contemporary sketches and pop cultural references. Within this framework of  classical ornamentation he references historical illustrations in his work and is strongly influenced by an eclectic mix of folklore, mythology and pop culture. The result of this cultural pastiche is made in the hopes of inviting the audience to participate in a conversation between the role of traditional craft within a contemporary perspective.

Chen graduated from the National Art School in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – majoring in ceramics – and was the recipient of the annual Harvey Galleries National Art School Exhibition award. Casey has been a finalist in the Gosford Ceramics Art Prize 2021 and won the Muswellbrook Ceramics Art Prize 2023.