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Peter Li

The End of the World is next to each other 天涯若比邻

Sydney artist Songshi Li, pen named Ink Monk, graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Art. He started his painting experience since he was 8 years old following his teacher, master Gao Peilin, who was a royal artist serving the last Qing Dynasty emperor Puyi, master Gao Peilin was granted ’14 year’ s old Whiz Kid’ by emperor Puyi. Song is his last student. Song’s paintings focus on depicting the natural world. After he moved to Australia, he was attracted by local nature, flowers, plants, animals and landscapes, which made him feel he could communicate back with the ancient Song Dynasty. He is trying to paint local landscapes with his Chinese painting techniques. He has had several art exhibitions in Australia, and found out that local residents love this type of traditional painting very much.
2014 Burwood Art Exhibition artwork was printed in the middle page of the art book. 2015 Strathfield Art Exhibition 2016 Chatswood Chinese Culture Centre Art Exhibition 2017 Strathfield Art Exhibition Rewarded Artist Contribution Prize by Yanhuang Art Institution 2018 Chatswood Art Exhibition 2018 Awarded ‘Hundred Prominent Artists’ prize by Hawaii International Art Exhibition 2019 Burwood Art Prize, exhibited artwork was collected by Burwood Council. 2019 Chatswood Art Exhibition 2019 Winner of NSW Live ‘Art Battle’ in June. 2019 First prize winner of International Art Competition of 70th Anniversary of Chinese Found in November. 2019 Blacktown Art Prize in December Exhibited Artwork was acquisited by Blacktown Art Centre 2020 Blacktown Art prize Artwork nominated 2021 12 artworks were selected by China Post as stamp design sample.

Sydney China Park Changlai Garden​


Funiu Mountain Soul