New Art

Lara Klark

I Wish Your Days Are Filled With Love

Lara Klark, one of Russia’s ethereal surrealist artists.

Lara’s attention to detail brought spiritual experiences to a physical dimension. Lara having figured in numerous Russian art books, art exhibitions, theatre productions has made a scintillating transition to Australian ethos, framing her works in colour and vibrant form, which throws light on an unwritten side of Australian migrant art.

Based on her life experiences, Lara found he place of attention of creative proses in creation a collection revolving around consciousness – important steps on the way to it and values found. Expanding her understanding of the concept to more than just the conventional definition.

She does her paintings in different genres and styles, the choice depends on decision of a picture language most accurately expresses question. She will take it all with such a way she is. All he paintings – reflect her way to awareness. Awareness in he understanding not a momentary act, each next old questions arise in a new, different way. 

Lara views her body of work as an ongoing dialogue; each exhibition adding new findings and continuing the same primary themes of consciousness, your place in this world, love, beauty, connections and alternatives of hardship, that universal for all people of the world independently from politics, regimes, race or religion. 

Yesterday Today Tomorrow